Creating true Harmony. The perfect fusion of architecture and interior design.

Stefan Mauritz, Thomas Mang

Dipl. Ing. Architect Stefan Mauritz studied in London and gained experience at companies such as Rolls-Royce and Feinkost Käfer.


With graduate architect Thomas Mang, he has a congenial partner at his side who has already worked with star architect Helmut Jahn in Chicago, worked in New York and supervised his first projects in Switzerland and Monaco.


Stefan Mauritz and Thomas Mang are members of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects. Together they have continuously perfected their philosophy of holistic architecture and interior design over the past years.


“I have a very simple taste: I am always satisfied with the best.”(Oscar Wilde). Only an understanding of the synthesis of spatiality and design creates true harmony: because form begins – which completes style. MangMauritz integrate renowned brands into their daily work. They create value and work with the highest precision. In doing so, they have developed their own language without losing sight of their clients’ individual wishes and daily routines.


In the holistic implementation of each project, service and proximity to the customer are the focus of their work. From design and planning to execution and furnishing, every step is personally accompanied against the backdrop of uncompromising quality standards. MangMauritz give their customers their full attention. Because they know that details are not trifles.